1. Brahmi Concepts

The Brahmi project aims at producing Java Input Methods and OpenType fonts for Indian languages. Hence Brahmi consists of the following software . Brahmi Indic Input Methods . Brahmi OpenType fonts . Brahmi Word Processor

1.1 Brahmi Word Processor

The Brahmi Word Processor demonstrates the Brahmi Input Methods in action. As a Word processor, it has the following features:


1.2 Brahmi Indic Input Methods

Input Methods enable user to input Unicode text. The current release, the Brahmi Kannada Input Method is being released by which user can only input Kannada Unicode text. To view the Unicode text, a free OpenType font for Kannada called Sampige.ttf is also released. Input Methods for other languages will be released as and when we have built OpenType fonts for those languages.The Brahmi Kannada Input Method (BrahmiKannadaIM.jar) is Java Input Method can be used by any Java2 application. This IM (Input Method) supports the KGP keyboard layout, which is standardized and approved by Government of Karnataka. The KGP layout is as shown in the picture below:


1.2.1 How to enter Kannada characters

When the cursor is on a text component, select the Input Method by one of the following ways: . Click on the applications icon to see the system menu; click on Select Input Method -> Brahmi Kannada Input Method . Select the Input Method from the applications user interface if there is an option. Please refer to the above keyboard layout to input the characters. To enter a Swara (Vowel)

Type any of these characters: 'a', 'A', 'i', 'I', 'u', 'U', 'R', 'e', 'E', 'Y', 'o', 'O', 'V' that corresponds to To enter Anuswara and Visarga

Type as shown in figure: To enter a Vyanjana (Consonant)

Type a character corresponding to that consonant. Look at the figure below. To enter a Gunithakshara (Consonant-Vowel combination)

Type the keys corresponding to the consonant and vowel. Below figure gives example of all the Consonant-Vowel combinations for the consonant ka

Note: Halant (Virama) is used to remove the inherent vowel from a Consonant. The key 'f' is used to input halant character. To enter a live Aardhakshara (Dead Consonant)

Type the key corresponding to the consonant and then type f. Example: To enter a live Vattakshara (Consonant Conjunct)

Type the key corresponding to the first consonant, then type f and then type the corresponding key for the second consonant. Examples: To get a Arkavattu (Reph) for a Vyanjana

Type the key corresponding to the ra consonant, then type f and then type the corresponding key for the second consonant. Example: Special Cases

When 'ra' consonant precedes as well as follows a halant character, then a ra-vattu is got and not a Arkavattu. Look at the example:

To retain the halant in a word, type 'f' (halant) key twice. Look at the example.

1.3 Brahmi OpenType fonts

A OpenType font for Kannada - Sampige is also released along with this release of Brahmi. Sampige satisfies almost all the rendering rules specified in the "South and South-east Asian Scripts" chapter (No.9) in the Technical Introduction of Unicode in the website (http://www.unicode.org). On the same basis rendering rules for Kannada are documented and can be found at http://www.kannudi.org/ilts .

Note: Current release of the Font does not satisfy the rule associated with the characters - Zero Width Joiner (abbreviated as ZWJ and occupies the position U+200D) and Zero Width Non-Joiner (abbreviated as ZWNJ and occupies the position U+200C), by including which the Font is able display independent vattus (Half Forms) of all the consonants.

These changes should be in sync with the Input Method. These changes would be supported in future releases of Sampige.ttf and Brahmi Kannada Input Method We are always in need for good fonts for Indian languages. If you own OpenType fonts and willing to contribute, please contact us at:

Your contribution will be acknowledged at your request.

1.4 Future releases

In the near future the following will be released:


This version of Brahmi (IM, OpenType font and the Word Processor) is released for the purpose of internal testing only. Please check for the latest release at http://brahmi.sourceforge.net

Your inputs are very important to us and the best ones will be incorporated in future releases and listed on the homepage. We look forward to your co-operation - Brahmi Team.


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