Cool stuff

I am still a heavy Windows and Linux user. But so many loyal paying customers are slowly converting me into a Mac user. So I am going to buy this Mac mini. It is so small, I can carry it with me like a laptop.

Once I get Mac mini, I will upload Brahmi screenshots on a Mac. Until then below are some MacOS X screenshots from

I love this IntelliJ IDE. I have a Open Source license. This company was so quick in giving out a license for me. I save a ton of time with this IDE.

I can now use Brahmi to enter Unicode Kannada directly into Oracle XE database

And also into MySQL

Over to smart phones now:

I used to have this Blackberry:

and this Motorola i870 too

Now I have this:

I have couple cool apps running on the above phones. I will soon share them.

Next I will be getting this:


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